DATE KNIGHT™ Pre-Sex Supplement

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If you've ever used a pre-workout supplement for the gym, you'll understand the concept we have in creating DATE KNIGHT™.

- Wouldn't you rather try something built specifically for purpose rather than a heart medication with an erection being the side effect? 

- The ingredients in our formula are natural and low dose, meant to give you and your partner a better experience as a whole.

Keys here are, increased blood flow, confidence, and repeatability. Try DATE KNIGHT™


Boost performance

DATE KNIGHT is a pre-sex supplement, much like a pre-workout its meant to enhance what you have and help bring you to the next level.

Natural Ingredients

100% natural ingredients, combined to give you great results.

Red Panax Ginseng - Improve heart health, increased energy, decrease stress, natural aphrodisiac
Dodder seed powder - antioxidant, supports brain health
Horny goat weed(epimedium) - Probably the most literally named herbal supplement.

Cinnamon Bark Extract- supports the reproductive system and increases blood flow


Nothing is more important than your health, so consult with a physician before use.  Strongly recommend you to take only one capsule every 72 hours with 8 oz of water. Take the pill one hour before physical activity.  

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